University of Padova in Italy is recruiting for five Doctoral Students
Publish Date: 2023-06-02
School: University of Padova
Location: Italy
Type: Doctoral Student

Job Description

(1)Landslides in structurally complex formations: Geo-Mechanical characterization with Deep Learning models;
(2)Submarine landslide hazard in different geological settings: causes and impact of climate change
(3)Artificial Intelligence in geohazards and risk analysis: Integrating artificial intelligence into Geo-Hydrological hazard assessment strategies
(4)Advanced remote sensing techniques as a support tool for geotechnical modelling of geohazards
(5)Advanced numerical modelling and remote sensing techniques for the characterization and assessment of geohazards at multiple scales;
Deadline: 2023-06-07;
Dr. Filippo Catani (,
Dr. Ascanio Rosi (,
Dr. Mario Floris (;